Over 250 Soviet Communist Propaganda and Russian Movie Posters

We have added more soviet posters, particularly in the movie section - great artwork without the political propaganda. A new 40cmx60cm gallery wrapped canvas and a totally new addition of posters in a floater frame in 3 sizes and 7 colours.

Using the Stenberg brothers Man With A Movie Camera Poster, a film by Dziga Vertov, to the right as an example, front to back is the giclee art print in 5 standard frame sizes, then the new floater frame poster. The art print is bonded between a satin protective overlay film and a foamcore backboard. This is bonded into the frame which is 5cm deep but only has a 4mm lip showing to the front. The design is fantastic for displaying posters and because it does not use glass, makes shipping a breeze, no annoying reflections.

Finally at the back is our unique gallery stretched canvas - hardly anybody else goes to the trouble of adding the image to the sides, just plain white or colour fill, or even worse simply flipping a portion of the original image.

The canvas has an overlay film bonded to it for maximum protection and a more uniform finish than brushing varnish, then stretched over a finger-jointed pine frame (not cheap MDF).

The gallery canvas is also available on it's own, without the frame, so it can be rolled into a tube and shipped more cheaply, allowing you to stretch it yourself, find a local framer to do it or trim it down and have it framed normally.
(More info on each type of poster is in the Info section along with shipping information..)